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I have got to rant here about how stupid it is, that people in the middle class are expected to obey the police regardless of whether they think the officer is doing right or wrong...

Excuse me, but the police officer isn't a Harvard educated disciple of god, and even if he was, that doesn't mean he's right!

Police officers have poor training yet are allowed to carry lethal weapons... if I was on the wrong side of them, I'd want as much support as I could get.

So I just wanted to rant about this. Just because a police officer says something, or because something is law, or even because something is convention (culturally acceptable/unacceptable), it DOES NOT mean that we should "bend over" to police officers like they are modern-day priests!

FUCK MIDDLE CLASS EXPECTATIONS! The only vaguely rebellious middle class regimes are: the LGBT crowd, and the "environmental" crowd.
I think it's acceptable to say the Brexit was caused by Muslims. For example, I'm a major supporter of Europeanism and Europe; I literally think that Europe should federalize into a United States of Europe... but I've been appaled by the way the European Union has handled Muslims and the "Asylum" crisis... seriously... why are non-syrian/iraqis even allowed into Europe?
I'm really supportive of Kpop. Sure, I don't like half the shit they churn out, and I wish they could do more music in my style, but where else can you find dance routines + pretty boys + goodish music?

I think EXO has gone too "Shinee" in this album. I preferred their originals style TBH.
I've had enough of the pro-muslim racism being emphasized by the liberal media. I've been traveling around the world thanks to liberal holiday quotas and a prosperous family, and I've got to point out that "Muslims" are generally lower class.

The only place where Pakistanis are "middle class" are the USA, and they've been subject to so much racism and deportation that the only ones allowed in are the ones who have benefited from the corruption in Pakistan. Pakistanis are lower class everywhere, from Canada to Australia. Their population in the USA is negligible. They are no "wealthier" than Bangladeshis.

Arabs? Sure. They've got culture, along with Persians. But the majority of "Arabs" are lower class. They're not a particularly well performing group in ANY country, and the countries they're famous for being middle class, also happen to be countries populated by Arabs prospered by oil money.

Malays? They are the worst performing group in Malaysia, lagging behind the rich Chinese and classy Indians. "Muslims" as a whole are the worst performing group in East Asia - just visit Hong Kong or Seoul to see how lower class they are. They are often resigned to the DDD jobs that the Japanese want to avoid.

Can we PLEASE stop pretending that "Muslims" are somehow the next model minority. The Muslim funded "eliitest" newspaper does my head in... just because liberal "middle class" people symptahize with you, doesn't mean you can get away with being middle class... Arabs and Persians might be able to get away with it, but Pakistanis? Even Malays? And Black Muslims being "middle class" due to their religion? PLEASE.…

1) Why is Europe still accepting these refugees? "Muslims" already have a bad reputation in Europe for being lower class and regressive, for being criminals and immoral. Surely it's rational to drop "political neutrality" here, in the same manner it's rational for Swiss banks to drop "political neutrality".

2) Putting aside the debate on Syrian migration, why are migrants from Pakistan being allowed into Europe? What exactly makes these people any worse off than the millions/billions of people living in third-word countries through the earth? Not ALL Middle Easterners are fleeing Syria.

I was arguing in the Brexit thread that the UK should adopt an immigration policy similar to East Asian countries, where people are only imported when needed, rather than a "come here a try to find a job" policy. Maybe this policy can be expanded to cover the whole of Europe.


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